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Do you need an office relocation in Hobart and greater areas? Let Shaggy Removal and Delivery Service take care of everything for you!

Moving to a new office can be really messy and stressful, but not when you can count on reliable commercial removalist professionals. It makes all the difference when you are being assisted by a removal company that actually cares about providing a smooth office relocation. 

And that is what Shaggy Removal and Delivery Service does. We ensure that it doesn’t matter if you are moving from Hobart or to Hobart and its surroundings, you will have a five-star office removal service. 

We understand that every minute a business is not operating, it loses money. So, a fast and efficient office relocation is essential. With Shaggy Removal and Delivery Service, there is no bad time to move a company. We take last-minute commercial removal requests and organise everything for you, from packaging all your office furniture to delivering and relocating it to the new place.

Our professionals are qualified to work moving diverse items, with knowledge and care when handling delicate commercial items.

How Does the office relocation work with shaggy?

Relocating an office in Hobart couldn’t be easier. We carefully considered designing an office removal service that could fit everyone’s budget.

We offer a fixed office removal rate for businesses that would like to know in advance how much an office relocation would cost or a more flexible option, which would be the hourly rate. Check below how each one of those office relocation services works.

Commercial removal with a fixed rate

If you prefer to know exactly how much you will pay for your office relocation, then the fixed rate package is designed for you.

In this case, we ask our clients to provide us with:


  • A list of all deliverable items, including boxes, furniture, equipment, electronic devices such as computers, etc. The list must contemplate everything that will need to be relocated to the new office so we can understand all your business needs and provide a removal service tailored to your necessities.


  • Preference of removal date and time


  • Address for pick up with access to a parking spot suitable for a truck.


  • Destination address with access to park the removal truck.


Once you send us the details, our team will prepare everything and send you a quote for your approval as soon as possible. 


After arranging the details, it’s office moving time! Our removalists will get to the pickup location at the time previously agreed and start to make their magic.

HOURLY RATE for office removal

Shaggy offers office removal services based on hourly rates for a more flexible option. This means that you pay for the amount of time that our professionals work on your relocation process. 

The time starts counting by when our removalists arrive at your pick-up location and finish once all your furniture and goods have been relocated to the new office.

Please note that all prices are inclusive of GST, and the details on the call-out fees are mentioned in the quote. Hence, there are no hidden costs. 

Which type of office relocation in Hobart, Tasmania, suits you best? Get in touch with us now, and let us organise all the removal details for you!


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